9th Grade Academy Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQs offer quick and easy insight into how Pike County’s 9th Grade Academy operates. To learn more about our school curriculum and operations, visit our about page and our portrait of a graduate page.  You can also download our mobile app for automated updates and view our news bulletin for recent activities at the schools.

The Pike County School system was founded in the mid-1900s as one of the first major public school systems in South Georgia. Today, Pike County boasts a student population of over 3,500 a graduation rate of over 95%, and one of the most successful public Pre-K to 12th Grade curriculums in the country. 

The Pike County district’s school operations are managed by the Superintendent, while long-term financial and strategy-related decisions are overseen by the Pike County Board of Directors. At 9th Grade Academy, daily oversight is managed by the school principal, and individual classes and curriculums are taught by our professional team of administrators

At our 9th Grade Academy, the teacher-student ratio is approximately 1:9, which is slightly higher than the ratio across other pike county schools. We serve over 280 students with the help of ~30 teachers and educational professionals. 

You may follow this link to our registration page to begin the process of registering your new student(s) in a Pike County school. Requirements may vary by school and grade, so be sure to check the specific steps outlined on this page or contact our offices if you have a question. 

You can check our social media pages, follow our blog, or download our mobile app to receive regular and automated alerts about our school system. We regularly post school news, grades, health and safety alerts, and dates for meetings, plays, awards, and sporting events on each of these channels. For a list of upcoming school events, you can check our calendar

Student grades and transcripts are managed through our 3rd party portal and can be accessed online at this link or through our mobile app. You must have a school-provided username and login to access this information. 

To view a list of available volunteer and employment opportunities at Pike County, check out our volunteer page and our careers page. There is a quick and easy application process to get started and we will be in touch within 72 hours of your submission. 

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Pike County Ninth Grade Academy is located at 7360 US Highway 19 South, Zebulon, Georgia. To contact a specific teacher or member of our administration, use the faculty page or principal page.
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